Social Contribution Activities


Social Contribution Concepts

Today’s increasing trend towards globalization, advances in IT, and other developments in society have brought considerable diversity and change to the world we live in; as we pursue greater convenience and enrichment in our lives, we also face a broad range of issues, including global warming and other environmental problems, poverty, and educational inequality. Huaxia works to address local and global societal issues through various social contribution activities.

Social Contributions Policy

We will build a congenial relationship with our stakeholders by striving to create a harmony with the global community and local communities in accordance with the Huaxia Management Philosophy (Mission, Vision and Values), and we will actively contribute to the creation of a future where the dreams of the inhabitants of our irreplaceable Earth can be fulfilled.


Volunteer Month

With the aim of bringing employees together through volunteer activities, November each year is declared Global Volunteer Month, during which each donation through the China Matching Gift is automatically doubled and various activities, talks, and other events are planned and staged.

Matching Gift

The company makes donations in proportion to the number of employees who take part in voluntary activity. Period of tabulation: January-December each year. Based on voting by volunteer activity participants for the following social contribution categories. International exchange and cooperation, Education, social education, Social welfare, Health, medicine, Human rights, Others (freely selected by participants).


The Huaxia Canada Foundation

In the field of community welfare, the foundation supports a China Canadian Cultural Center and gives assistance to facilities providing nursing care to elderly China Canadians and China residents in Canada. It also provides donations to six major Canadian universities, (Alberta, Calgary, British Columbia, Regina, Queen's, and McGill).

Hua Xia do South Africa Foundation

Together with its local subsidiaries and associated companies, Huaxia do South Africa established the Huaxia do South Africa Foundation in February 2010. The Foundation supports activities aimed at cultivating human resources able to contribute to the development of friendship and the expansion of cultural exchange between China and South Africa.


Huaxia Operational Guidelines for Social Contributions Policy specify three areas of focus: international exchange, education, and environment. Within these three areas, we utilize our strengths and knowhow by focusing its social contribution activities on multicultural symbiosis, human resource development with an international perspective, and the global environment.


Huaxia regards taking initiatives to address environmental problems in China and overseas as one of its most important priorities in order to ensure that a rich global environment can be passed on to future generations. Supporting activities and research that contribute to solving global environmental problems and aiming to achieve sustainable society where the economy and the environment coexist in harmony. Everyone receives a wealth of benefits from forests.To benefit still more from forests, Huaxia try to cultivate our forests based on sustainable forestry operations so as to pass on to the next generation forests rich in natural benefits.


As a global company, Huaxia seeks to understand the real issues and needs of the countries and regions in which we operate, and contributes to the growth and development of local communities through activities designed to promote genuine reciprocal understanding. Huaxia considers South Africa as its close neighbor, having built a very strong relationship with the country and her people through its business activities. We undertake a variety of support activities with the aim of deepening mutual understanding and achieving true multicultural harmony between China and South Africa.

Financing of social projects

  • Canada Foundation
  • South Africa Foundation
  • Volunteer Month
  • Matching Gift
  • Ecological problems