Information Security Policy

Effective from 7th September, 2017
Amended on 1st October, 2015

1.Approach toward Information Security

Huaxia Financing Guarantee recognizes the importance of information security and manages the proper management of information assets, including information and assets, with a view to timely and effective use of information in accordance with the "Principles of corporate governance and internal control" Huaxia Financing Guarantee, striving to continuously improve such management on a global and group basis.

2.Compliance with Regulations (Establishing Compliance)

Huaxia shall comply with regulations, established standards, and other codes related to information security, and shall work towards the establishment and maintenance of compliant and suitable information security.

3.Protection of Information Assets

Huaxia shall implement appropriate management for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets, and work to protect its information assets from all possible threats.

4.Response to Accidents

While working to prevent the occurrence of any accidents related to information security, in the unlikely event of an accident, Huaxia shall promptly take appropriate response measures including preventative steps against the reoccurrence of such an accident.

President of Huaxia Financing Guarantee
Shi Zhenshan