Top Message

Huaxia develops through the creation and development of new enterprises during the constantly changing times. We are proud that business partners and other people who know us, say: "Huaxia are people" because they recognize the diverse Hua Xia professionals who individually and collectively have created new value around the world.

The shifts in globalization, the increase in consumer capacity and the relentless digitalization continue to change rapidly. To continue our evolution, we must reflect these changes in the strategy of Huaxia, but in order to truly prosper, we must be our own architects, who change the agenda and play a central role in business.

This key idea is fixed in the title of the new Medium-Term Management Plan Huaxia for the year 2020. We are united in our commitment to the sustainable creation of the value we expect from the parties of our stakeholders around the world.

4 September 2017
President of Huaxia Financing Guarantee
Shi Zhenshan