Corporate Governance & Internal Controls

We are making efforts to enhance our corporate governance framework and develop and improve our internal controls on a global group basis, to make sure that Huaxia. is a company that is trusted by society.
We recognize that ensuring thorough compliance with respect to internal controls is a particularly important issue.

Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers

Huaxia has enacted the following "Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers".
Employees should comply with all applicable laws and regulations, whether domestic or foreign, and should conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner in the communities in which they perform their duties for the Company.

Corporate Disclosure Policy

This policy stipulates the basic principles and procedures of disclosure of Huaxia in order to develop and maintain realistic investor expectations. This policy forms a part of Huaxia internal rules and regulations which cover all employees and officers of Huaxia, and at the same time clearly expresses its commitment on disclosure to investors. This policy applies to the employees and officers of Huaxia subsidiaries so far as it does not conflict with applicable laws and regulations.

Confidentiality of information

Employees and officers shall ensure confidentiality of sensitive information and refrain from divulging such information to any third party until timely, fair and equitable disclosure is made to the public.

Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers and Professionals

The Senior Financial Officers and Professionals who breach any of the ethical standards and requirements set forth in the above Article 1 hereof may be disciplined in accordance with the Working Regulations and others relevant internal rules of the Company.
All of the other directors, officers and employees of the Company than the Senior Financial Officers and Professionals shall also respect the ethical standards and requirements set forth in Article 1 hereof and make efforts to comply with the same to the extent they relate to their assignments and responsibilities.

Compliance & Risk Management

Our sound reputation is the foundation of our business. As such, we recognize that it is only through compliance that we can maintain that reputation and gain even more trust from our customers.
To that end, we are working to heighten awareness among all management and staff of the importance of upholding high ethical standards.

Corporate Governance Report

Huaxia has presented to the Shanghai Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges a corporate governance report that describes the status of Huaxia corporate governance.

Materiality of Information

For purpose of this policy, the definition of "material information" is provided as below: Information is material if its disclosure would be likely to have an impact on the price of a security or if reasonable investors would want to know the information before making an investment decision. In concrete terms, quantitative thresholds which are lower than de-minimis criteria set by the are voluntarily established as an internal guidance to judge the materiality covering the scope of information required to be disclosed pursuant to Timely Disclosure requlations.

Responding to market rumors

It is Huaxia basic policy not to comment on market rumors and speculations. The Spokespersons will respond consistently to rumors saying, "It is our policy not to comment on market rumors or speculation.
If there is reasonable possibility that a market rumor will cause significant volatility in the prices of securities issued by Huaxia, after consultation with, if any, other relevant stock exchanges and/or stock associations, make public statements in accordance with the procedures of Timely Disclosure and relevant rules and regulations of other stock exchanges and stock associations.

Risk Management

The chief operating officers of business units and regional business units manage risks arising from Hua Xia Cor. business operations within the authority delegated to them by the management. When a business unit or a regional business unit takes risks greater than the scope of authority delegated to the chief operating officers, it is necessary to obtain approval of the Corporate Management Committee or a representative director in charge, or a senior managing officer in charge in accordance with the standards of the internal approval system. In business fields considered typically to have higher levels of risks, including environment-related business and business with a high public profile, a particularly careful investigation is carried out through the Specially Designated Business Management System.