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    Huaxia Financing Guarantee
    Huaxia Financing Guarantee manages a portfolio of global supply chains
    for a variety of industrial, energy, agricultural products.
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    We market process,
    finance and transport key commodities, connecting low-cost producing regions with high-demand growth markets.
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    Financing Guarantee
    With its headquartered in Beijing, it has a global
    network in 26 countries, as well as nearly 16
    subsidiaries and affiliated companies in China.

The basics of our work!


The change is the opportunity. Progressing with the passage of time, and innovate incessantly, introducing or even creating new concept, idea to interpret the environment and to solve the problem, making innovation on management approach to create management advantage.


Regarding the product’s quality as the company’s lifeline, setting up standardized process,strictly executing and monitoring the process to control to ever-changing environment, ensuring the work’s accuracy and quality, quick to act, optimizing the cost.

Open to Learn

Acquiring information with open mind,learning technology and capability which could enhance the company’s value, good at learning other people’s experience, learning from twist and turns and improving your work.

Huaxia Financing Guarantee is a world of all types of talent and its value is jointly created by its employers.

Therefore, we view employers asourprecioustreasure, are willing to take in the best minds of potential and sincerely wish every employer to have his own opportunityin the company.

Top Message

Dear partners!

Huaxia develops through the creation and development of new enterprises during the constantly changing times. We are proud that business partners and other people who know us, say: "Huaxia are people" because they recognize the diverse Huaxia professionals who individually and collectively have created new value around the world.

The shifts in globalization, the increase in consumer capacity and the relentless digitalization continue to change rapidly. To continue our evolution, we must reflect these changes in the strategy of Huaxia, but in order to truly prosper, we must be our own architects, who change the agenda and play a central role in business.

This key idea is fixed in the title of the new Medium-Term Management Plan Huaxia for the year 2020. We are united in our commitment to the sustainable creation of the value we expect from the parties of our stakeholders around the world.

4 September 2017
President of Huaxia Financing Guarantee
Shi Zhenshan

Services & Products

Regions of presence



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    Core areas

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    Growth areas

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    Area of ​​development

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Corporate Governance

We are making efforts to enhance our corporate governance framework and develop and improve our internal controls on a global group basis, to make sure that Huaxia is a company that is trusted by society. We recognize that ensuring thorough compliance with respect to internal controls is a particularly important issue.

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Risk Management

As such, we recognize that it is only through compliance that we can maintain that reputation and gain even more trust from our customers. To that end, we are working to heighten awareness among all management and staff of the importance of upholding high ethical standards and are accordingly striving to build a global compliance framework that advances best business.

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Business Conduct

Hua Xia Cor. has enacted the following "Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers". Hua Xia Cor. has presented to the Shanghai Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges a corporate governance report that describes the status of Huaxia corporate governance.

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