Our Culture

Huaxia strives to remain nimble and flexible from a staffing perspective in order to ensure corporate dynamism and resilience. We have built flexibility into our Human Resources system, so that we have the ability to place staff in the right place at the right time, to capitalise upon opportunities.

We identify high-potential individuals and over twelve months (or sometimes eighteen) offer on-the-job rotations, assignments and training. When the programme is complete, you can expect an assignment to the most appropriate position for you to embark on your career – at a trading desk in one of our divisions, in middle office, operations, research or in one of our support functions.

Internships at Huaxia focus on gaining real work experience, building skills and knowledge in operations, finance, risk management, research and an introduction to trading concepts. Successful candidates join Huaxia on either a summer internship (six weeks to six months in duration) or a one-year internship placement in one of our commercial businesses or corporate functions.

We are committed to keeping its workforce engaged and motivated to be part of the Corporation. Mutual respect based upon loyalty is the key underpinning our success. We want our people to see their work with Noble not just as a job but an opportunity to make an impact.

You can make your mark a thousand different ways. We attract and retain the right people to make that happen. Through coaching and mentoring, we help you plan organised career moves in tune with your future prospects. If you have the talent, you'll have the career you deserve.