Corporate Brand

Throughout the world, business is in motion, in which values ​​are changing, often very quickly. Our business as a trade corporation is becoming more complex. In today's world, being truly global is no longer an advantage. And being global means much more than facing intense competition - it means being part of a new era, where the potential for Huaxia. to make a contribution to the world more, than ever. Communication project Huaxia - this is communication, because becoming a global corporation means creating a presence not only in the market, but also in the minds of people - in China and around the world.

  • We are Huaxia, and we create value.
  • With the vitality of our spirit.
  • We're building a better future for people and planet and for you.

Using a new approach to our corporate identity, we are going to achieve a higher recognition of unique qualities and maximize the special value that Huaxia creates by its own efforts to establish links - for communication between business and beyond.
These are our strengths, as individuals, united in a dynamic, purposeful group that allow us to innovate at every turn. This is our corporate DNA, and this is more everything in the world is the source of all the valuable in Huaxia.